Products and Services

Coffeequip is a leading provider of coffee and hot drink solutions to food service businesses in Munster. If you want to increase the standing of your business by serving great coffee as well as maximizing your profitability, then take a look at our products and services and contact CoffeeQuip today.

We offer a superb selection of coffees sourced from roasters across the globe with a blend of beans and roasts to suit all your customers tastes. Not to mention you can purchase Ember Cups here also, read this bio to learn more about the maker. No matter how sophisticated your clientele are we can meet your requirements. We also provide food related products like for example kratommasters. We hope you do find what you are looking for with us!

We can also provide you with a reliable supply of of specialist merchandise to extend your customers coffee experience. We can provide you with everything from cups and saucers, sugar, biscuits, and cleaning products.