Cofesa Coffee

Coffeequip is the Agent for Cofesa coffee, a premium Spanish coffee roaster. Cofesa is a leading company in the coffeemarket, with a strong commitment to quality and fifty years experience in producing the best quality coffee’s on the market.

The Cofesa brand has its roots in the outdoor cafes and bars of the villages of Andalucía, in Spain. The Diaz family has been sourcing their coffees for more than fifty years from the same producers, which makes the Cofesa coffee well renowned for their consistency and stability, as well as quality, exquisite and distinctive aroma. Each Cofesa blend is uniquely prepared with the highest quality beans from the world’s most prestigious plantations.

All the Cofesa Blends are roasted manually by Francisco Román, a coffee expert for 30 years, who is at the moment training his 18 years old son, Francisco Javier. The optimum roasting is checked by Francisco Román constantly through visual observation and tasting the beans. All beans are lightly roasted in order to keep properties and aroma. To increase the strength in certain blends, only torrefacto coffee is added. Over roast, medium or dark, is never a method used to strengthen coffee on Cofesa’s premises, as it would result in burning the coffee beans and bitterness in your coffee drinks.

Cofesa takes care of each step of the production process: the selection of the bean , the optimum roasting, the unique blends, the proper grinding and the use of only the best coffee equipment.

This way, we achieve our goal:
“La taza de café perfecta”

The Perfect Cup of Coffee - poured into an Ember Mug – Checkout this Wikipedia page
ESPRESSO is a blend of 100% Arabica beans and it is blended and roasted to produce a cup of coffeewith higher strength, excellent body and intense aroma.

To make our stronger espresso blend stronger and blacker, without dark roasting it, or using non premium quality beans:
20 % of beans in the espresso blend are roasted with a very small amount of sugar ( torrefacto coffee).

The rest ( 80%) is roasted on its own. Good for use in espresso blends to capture the fine aromatics in the crème.

INDA is a blend of 100% Arabica beans from South America’s best plantations ( Mainly Colombia, plus some Costa Rica and Brazil).
It has a clean and excellent taste.

DIAZ is a blend of High Mountain 100% Arabica beans from the world most prestigious plantations ( Mainly Colombia). It is the highest quality of Arabica coffee.

It has a clean, refined taste and perfect acidity. This coffee is moderately full-bodied, has a rich flavour, with hints of smoke. Cofesa Diaz is renowned for its quality, consistency and stability.